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BOOSTING your business growth and success

More than just your annual accounts

Looking for an accountant who thinks outside the box and does more than just your annual accounts? Want to do business more efficiently or reach your business goals faster?

Whether you're a business owner, a financial controller or manager, BOOST Chartered Accountants specialise in giving your organisation a BOOST - to your annual accounting, your financial systems, your processes, your software and your finance team. 

We can help you with more than just your annual accounts. We'll sort your reporting, cashflow and budgeting systems, and guide you on growth to make sure your resources match your growth plans.


Annual Accounts with a difference

Rather than only looking backwards on what's already happened, we'll help you look forward, focusing on helping you to grow and succeed with reporting, cashflow, budgeting and guidance on growth. 

Annual Compliance

The boring stuff that everyone has to do to stay in business and comply, including annual accounts, tax returns, provisional tax planning, GST returns and Companies Office compliance.

Annual Financial Checks

A BOOST Annual Financial Check involves reviewing your current systems and upskilling your team for financial efficiencies. 

Implementation and Migration of New Software

Have you decided on some new software but you don't know how to roll it out? Perhaps you're already part-way through the process but you've realised you need help. BOOST can take the stress away, project managing your software migration or implementation of new software for a smooth transition.

Financial Process Review / Improvement

BOOST can review your current finance system and process with fresh eyes, identifying improvements and getting rid of inefficiencies. Efficient processes free up valuable time which can now be spent “on the business” working on growth and strategy.

About Us

Annalise Thomassen is the Director of Boost Chartered Accountants. Practical, friendly and fuss-free, Annalise has  spent the past 16+ years working in financial roles, starting her accountancy career in audit before moving into the commercial sector. As a straight talking, practical thinker, Annalise prides herself on giving pragmatic advice and support that helps your bottom line and gives you the BOOST you need.

"Annalise did a thorough review of our accounts, and up until now, I hadn’t realised how valuable this was. She reviewed our current processes and made simple but significant changes to some key process. This freed up so much time for the accounts team, allowing them to work on my business, which has been so valuable. Annalise made the team feel very comfortable and assisted them with upskilling as required. I highly recommend her company Boost CA."

Dave Pratt - Director, Civil Alliance

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