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Annalise Thomassen

Hi, I'm Annalise Thomassen, Director of Boost Chartered Accountants. I've spent the past 16+ years working in financial roles, starting my accountancy career in audit before moving into the commercial sector. 

As a qualified Chartered Accountant, I have experience across a range of industries including insurance, construction, IT, service providers, print, and Crown entities. These range in size from large multi-nationals and trans-tasman companies through to SME’s and sole traders. 

I am committed to my clients and passionate about developing strategies that allow you to spend more time working on your business than in your business. 

I have a wealth of experience implementing new systems and know what is required to take on these projects, from planning to execution and testing. A natural leader that knows how to motivate, I like to encourage and get the best out of teams.  

As a straight talking, practical thinker, I pride myself on giving pragmatic advice and support that helps your bottom line and gives you the BOOST you need. I'd love to have a chat.

Phone 021 224 0864

"I see it all the time - businesses often have an inefficient financial process, unclear roles amongst employees, an inability to manage information, manual data entry processes and a slow approval processes. Streamlining and optimising the finance process is one of the most important investments businesses can make. It frees up valuable time, which can instead be spent on growth and smashing your goals."

Annalise Thomassen, Director of Boost Chartered Accountants

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